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Christian Goldbach

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Christian Goldbach




     Christian Goldbach was born on March 18th in Koenigsberg, Prussia in 1690. His father was a Protestant Church minister in Koenigsberg. Christian attended the university there. He grew up to be a teacher, a personal tutor for a prince, and after years of work in the Russian Government, a privy councillor. When he traveled to Moscow to tutor, he met many famous mathematicians. One was a man named Gottfried Leibniz. Along with the government, Christian was also very involved with the Saint Petersburg Academy.

     Goldbach is most famous for his conjecture which said that every integer greater than two is the sum of three prime numbers. This was discussed in a correspondence he had with Leonhard Euler. Goldbach also published some papers on different mathematical subjects, but mostly on infinite series. 

     When Christian got involved with the Russian Government, it was when he went to tutor the young Peter 11. The boy became king after his grandparents (Peter the Great and Catherine 1). When he died, after Peter the Great's neice and Anna Ivanovna's neice's son, Elizaveta Petrovna ruled. She was the daughter of Peter the Great and got the throne by getting rid of her predecessor and his family. 

     Christian Goldbach died on November 20th, 1764 when he was 74 years old. 

Christian Goldbach worked with Leonhard Euler.

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